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What is an emerging location and why invest in lagos?

If you had the opportunity to invest in lagos  Lekki Phase 1 in the 1990s, would you have taken it? Let me tell you a story. In the late 1990s, Lekki Phase 1 was still an emerging city. It was waterlogged too. Then, a plot was selling for less than 2m naira. Most people discarded it. Only a few saw the hidden fortune and tapped into it. They are reaping the benefits today. Currently, a plot sells for over 300m naira.

As of 2008, a plot of land in Ajah sold for about 5m naira, currently, it sells for 50m naira. What does that tell you? Lagos is the nerve of real estate in Nigeria, a good haven for investors seeking profitable real estate investment opportunities in Nigeria.

Looking at the explosive population of Lagos now over 27.3m people according to the Lagos Bureau of Statistics, 2020; investing in Lagos emerging locations in like Ibeju Lekki and Epe is the new oil, one you won’t want to miss.

What we do is simple!

We present you with strategic real estate investment opportunities in the Lekki Epe neighbourhood and other fast-emerging locations in Lagos. We are selective and thorough with our listing, we only recommend what will make you the best of returns.

There are opportunities available for you in the New Lagos City (Epe and Ibeju Lekki) that will make you a fortune. Lekki-Epe Lagos is a perfect destination for you to invest in. Let’s go!

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