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The wellness and premium lifestyle-focused resort estate is a circuit of ambience and nature graced with high returns for investors who are looking out for rare fortune spinning opportunities. It is designed to help you drive your personal financial freedom. Here in the heart of the New Lagos city, Epe, DUKIA AFRICA is here to give you the Banana-Island touchstone experince. This a beautiful, lush and luxurious real estate ecosystem that mixes nature, functional living and Homes.
DUKIA AFRICA is entertainment, recreation at it’s peak, sitting structurally on a large expanse of land specially, DUKIA AFRICA also entails services and business district in symbolic grandeur. This vast body of luxury, is the largest resort estate in Africa. It is designed to give financial leverage and prosperity to you. Move fast, own some plots here, and massive fortune is guaranteed for you.

What if Dukia Africa, is what you need right now to achieve your big dream of financial freedom, will you take? You’re probably seeking for an investment property that guarantees massive returns. Or you’re pobably seeking for an exclusive estate with a blend of luxury, nature, wellness, calmness and sanity. If that is you. Welcome to Dukia Africa!

You will enjoy

Good Road Network
Good Security
Sports Corridors
Shopping Centres
Good Electricity
Potable Water
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» Land Types: 300Sqm / 500Sqm
» Prices: N10,000,000 (Starting From)
» Title: Governor’s Consent
» Payment Plan: Available

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